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Russian IT: what's your role name, stranger?

I used to get quite a lot of names, being in my role. Specific naming of roles at Russian IT market is the main reason, as I explain it to myself. The market dynamics is far higher than its ability to self-organize, so I used to be Marketing Officer, Head of Growth, Product Owner, Product Marketer, Head of IT Projects in different companies. Yet, the core competences keep the same:

Strategic Marketing (40%), People Management(25%), Product Management(20%), Project Management(15%) by time consumption in %.

All these applied to IT industry.

The first and the most complex part of my work at the start - dive into the market.

IT industry changes with a pace of a click, and there are 12,5 Billion of click the active World Wide Web audience produces every second.

I am expected to understand, feel and calculate IT market prospects, regardless my role name. I am the one to always be abreast changes, new developments, legal amenities and word-of-mouth, navigating my team to the future of business that gives us the living. Some not exactly job-related notes pop up inevitably in such circumstances.

And now I feel ready to share some. These will be mostly fun facts about industries and Apps I used to work with:

Ad Tech (Wi-Fi market origins)

Ed Tech & HR Tech (Gamification, AR, VR and other tech, being integrated in education)

Two and Three-side (Uber-like) Platforms in Finance, Insurance and Legal

Video Dating

Cloud solutions in Game Dev and Gambling

Fashion Tech (Social Shopping Apps and Blind Shopping)

Next posts won’t be as long as this one, so consider this as kind of graphomaniac invitation to my forthcoming thoughts)

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